Our Clinicians

The following is a list of our outstanding, board-certified internists, geriatricians, family physicians and physician assistants, as well as several excellent podiatrists.  Our staff also includes a terrific neurologist and consulting pulmonologist.  Our clinicians are among the best in North Carolina in their respective disciplines, and together we have established the “gold standard” nationally in home-based primary care for complex patients. Please click on a name to view a brief sketch of the Clinician’s education and training.  Full CVs are available upon request.

Alan Kronhaus, MDCo-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Shohreh Taavoni 4 Shohreh Taavoni, MD Co-Founder, President & Chief Medical Officer


 Bailey  Rebecca Bailey, PA-C Bengali Rayomand Bengali, MD
Parul Parul Bhagalia, MD, MPH  Elbel Stephanie Levan Elbel, PA-C
 Fisher David Fisher, MD, MPH  Friedman Stephen (Bill) Friedman, MD
Sarah Gainey, PA Sarah Gainey, PA-C  Goodnough  Taylor Goodnough, DO
Grady Megan M. Grady, PA-C Grumet Surah Grumet, MD,MPH
 Heffner Cathy M. Heffner, MD, MS  DMHC Logo Robin Jewett, PA-C
Jones Katherine Jones, PA-C Amit Kalra Amit Kalra, MD
Dr. Ladak Shayne Ladak, MD  LaFuriar Jeffrey LaFuria, PA-C 
McGranaghan Mary Beth McGranaghan, PA-C, PhD  McKinney  Brittany Allen McKinney, PA-C
Cheryl McNeil, MD Miglarese Lauren Miglarese, PA-C
jenniferMoore Jennifer Moore, PA-C Nanjagowder Kumar Nanjagowder, MD, MS, CMD
ScottNoorda Scott Noorda, DO  Nunez Jennifer Nunez, MD, PhD
 Odeh Muna Odeh, PA-C  Rafferty Amber Rafferty, AGPCNP
Stephanie L. Perry, PharmD, MD, MHSc, MBA Sidana Lalita Sidana, MD, MPH
Strasser Lauren Strasser, PA-C Surapenini Prathima Surapaneni, MD
scot winters md/phd Scot Winters, MD, PhD


 benson MD James Benson, MD  mcooperPA Michelle Cooper, PA-C
Eric Cox photo Eric Cox, MD Gambill Christy Gambill, PA-C
Horton Deyanira Horton, PA-C  Lori Smith MD photo web2  Lori Smith, MD


 DMHC Logo Lindsey de Guehery, MD   Scott Kohtz, MD
 Monica Massey Monica Massey, DNP, FNP  Ostheim Crystal Ostheim, MSN, FNP 


 armstrong DPM  L. Kelsey Armstrong, DPM, CSCS  Dr. Brown  Millicent Brown, DPM
Futrell Brian D. Futrell, DPM Gilroy Andrea Gilroy, DPM
 Tamika Gooden Tamika Gooden, DPM  Dr. Kelly Joel Kelly, DPM, LPN


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