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Good fortune smiled on Carillon Knightdale’s recent Saturday Signature Event Jazz and Juleps on the Terrace! Ignoring naysaying weathermen and unwanted forecasts of rain, Mother Nature delivered cloudless blue skies, so gala goers were able to spend time outdoors as originally planned.

Inside, the Al Strong Trio —Al Strong, Mark Wells, and Orlandus Perry— supplied soft jazz near buffet tables lain with summery, crisp-white tablecloths and myriad tasty confections, including a birthday cake for Marketing Director Niya Stratford-Hooks. (Happy Birthday Niya from DMHC!)

Carillon Knightdale_Group_smallerIt was great to see Niya, as well as Executive Director, Shawn Cothran, Resident Care Director, Joan Debnam, and many more essential staffers all gathered together. We were even able to meet Regional Director of Operations, Jennifer Moore, and Justin Isabel, marketing manager for seven Carillon communities. What a treat! No one wanted to miss a Signature Event, including DMHC, so we extend a heartfelt thanks for being invited to join the well-attended celebration. Carillon Knightdale, like all Carillon communities, hosts events year round, but Signature Events are special. For Signatures, Carillon partners with a community organization that receives all event proceeds.

Carillon KD Ext 2Given the beautiful terrace setting, Two Green Thumbs was the perfect beneficiary for Jazz and Juleps, and many of their group members were present, also. Spokesperson Sandra Dutton was happy to offer instruction about plants on the terrace and, together, we admired one blooming clematis, in particular. Sandra explained that Two Green Thumbs plants and maintains eight gardens throughout Knightdale, as well as Bluebird Trails. Not only do club members establish bird houses along such trails, they also monitor the birds’ activities. Support from Carillon Knightdale’s Jazz and Juleps will help raise funds for Blue Bird Trails at the Knightdale Elementary School. Two Green Thumbs is a member of Garden Clubs of North Carolina which, in turn, is a member of National Garden Clubs, the largest volunteer organization in the U.S.. An impressive group with many goals and fascinating members, Two Green Thumbs was voted club of the year for its size by Garden Clubs of North Carolina. If anyone in the area is interested in cultivating their gardening and volunteering opportunities, Two Green Thumbs would love to grow their membership!

Carillon KD_intIn addition to the pleasant company, gracious environment, soft music and scrumptious food, local visitors were able to take tours of Carillon Knightdale’s charming premises throughout the day. Don’t worry if you missed this particular party, however! Carillon Knightdale hosts three Signature Events per year. The next will be an Antique’s Roadshow in early fall. An appraiser will be on hand, so it will be a great opportunity for anyone curious about Carillon Knightdale to dust off old knick-knacks, unusual curiosities, or tchotchkes of mysterious origin and bring them in for a look-see. Who knows? Maybe DMHC’s own busy Physician’s Assistant, Stephanie Levan-Elbel, will have an heirloom to appraise, herself. After all, she’s recently given birth to a new heir! Stephanie is glad to be back at work from maternity leave and is seeing patients at Carillon Knightdale on Wednesdays!