to take care of your employees.

Give your employees the ultimate employee benefit — the option of “concierge-quality” medical care and amazing customer service in their own workplace, from outstanding primary care specialists, while actually reducing the cost of health care for both the company and its employees.

Working in partnership with each employer, Doctors Making Housecalls (DMHC) will  develop a plan for providing comprehensive onsite medical care.  For employees who choose to use the service, it will eliminate the ordeal of making and keeping doctor’s appointments, then languishing in a waiting room only to get a few fleeting moments with the doctor…or more likely, some kind of “physician extender.” It will also eliminate the need to travel outside the office and squander even more PTO in order to get lab studies or imaging procedures, because we provide these services onsite, too.

DMHC’s pioneering practice model dramatically improves access to medical care for your employees.  When it’s easy to connect with the doctor, employees are inspired to make and keep necessary appointments.  This approach converts the reactive, crisis-oriented delivery of care which is all-too-common in today’s healthcare system, to a proactive, patient-centered form of care, which in turn, significantly improves quality of care even while lowering costs by keeping patients healthy and “on an even keel,” and reducing unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Our onsite care program provides companies with the means to have a real impact on the health of their employees — an important evolution from the marginally-useful “wellness fair” or visiting nurse program.  DMHC’s onsite clinicians will not only “identify” health care issues — the best outcome of the traditional “health fair” or visiting nurse service — we will treat, resolve or effectively manage all health care issues, to produce the best possible health outcomes. Employees can have nearly all their health care needs satisfied onsite, with minimal disruption to their workflow or daily routine, and without squandering precious PTO.

Discover the DMHC difference:

Comprehensive Care:  We provide a a broader range of services in the comfort and convenience of your own workplace, compared to the services you expect to get from the typical primary care office. We can diagnose and treat almost any medical condition onsite in your organization.  Our services include annual physicals, medical screenings and assessments, chronic disease management, coordination of care across all venues and levels of care, labs, x-rays, EKGs, and more.

Urgent Care:  We offer same-day/next-day responsiveness, either onsite in the workplace or even in the employee’s home, by a face-to-face visit with the clinician, or by telemedicine.  We are not an emergency medical service, however.  For life-threatening emergencies, it is still necessary and appropriate to call 911.

Predictability & Continuity of Care:  The same clinician will visit your office on specific days, at specific times, and will have access to each patient’s complete medical record — thus ensuring continuity of care.   Once there, the doctor will see patients just as he or she would in a traditional doctor’s office, except there’s no waiting room, no exposure to other sick people and no travel time.  The doctor will see everyone who’s made an appointment, and everyone who has an urgent care issue and wants to be seen that day, whether or not they have an appointment.

No additional cost to employees:  We accept, bill and file all government and private/commercial insurance (with the exception of Duke Select).  And, because we will be seeing multiple patients on each visit, we also waive the trip fee we customarily charge for home visits.  Whatever co-pays or deductibles your employees incur for a primary care office visit, will be the same for their visits with DMHC clinicians.  There is no additional cost to your employees for the quality and convenience of onsite care.

Lower cost to employers:  We have extensive data which documents the ability of our delivery system to lower total health care costs. One key element of our approach is to identify the 5% of employees who likely account for as much as 50% of a company’s total health care bill.  We will see this high-needs, high-cost cohort of patients often and in detail, in the low cost venue of their workplace or home.  By doing so, we keep them on an even keel, avoid health care crises, and reduce the need for them to seek care from the highest cost venues of care — urgent care centers, emergency rooms and the inpatient wards of the acute care hospital.

Enjoy flexible scheduling:  We see patients from 8 am to 5:30 pm, seven days a week, so it’s easy to schedule visits around important meetings or flex schedules.

No additional strain on your resources:  DMHC’s Clinical Support Team processes all co-pays and deductibles. We accept payment through our secure website, making the appointment that much more convenient.  We will also coordinate with other corporate wellness programs you sponsor to ensure a complete “circle of care.”

Help employees establish “Healthy” relationships:  Employees can see the same physician each time, building a strong and ongoing relationship.  The same clinicians are also available to see your employees and their family members for urgent care appointments at their homes if and when the need arises.

Learn how offering onsite medical care to your employees can drive health and productivity. Request a consultation with one of our program representatives.