Partnering with DMHC

1. What services do you offer?

The Doctors Making Housecalls mission is to provide care that is proactive, patient-centered and prevention-oriented. Many of the medical services you expect from a traditional office-based medical clinic can be performed onsite in your offices by our specially trained clinicians. These services include comprehensive physical examinations, medical screenings and assessments, medication prescription and management, diagnostic testing (such as EKGs, x-rays, and ultrasounds), blood work and lab testing, immunizations, wound care and more.

The DMHC team also provides complete care coordination, working when necessary with patients and their insurance companies to coordinate with specialists, ancillary services like physical therapy and offsite diagnostic testing and medical device or equipment delivery.

DMHC does NOT provide Emergency Services – if you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1

For further information about our services, please visit our About Us page.


2. How is partnering with DMHC a benefit to my employees?

DMHC sincerely believes our suite of services represent the “ultimate benefit” for employees and their families, providing them with a clear and uncomplicated path to better health and wellness. By offering DMHC clinical services on site, employees and their families can be assured easy access to the care they need when – and where – they need it. Without having the additional stress of finding a primary care physician, scheduling appointments, and using valuable PTO time to travel to and from the clinician’s office.

DMHC onsite primary care:

– Is proactive and preventive – fully focused on keeping patients healthy and productive

– “Closes the Loop” on Health Fair required physicals, making it easy for the employees and their families to secure and complete an annual assessment

– Strengthens the connection that patients are able to make with their physician – we do not have appointment time limits and we see patients in great detail on each visit. Clinicians and the DMHC Support Staff are also available, 24/7, by phone and email for more in-depth conversations.

– Eliminates the need to use PTO for travel to and from appointments

– Eliminates exposure to other sick patients in conventional waiting rooms

– Makes care readily available to employees who might not otherwise schedule routine visits.

– Also, accommodates employees who wish to use our service for urgent care, but can’t get a timely appointment with their PCP. These visits can take place on-demand, helping employees address health concerns in the most efficient manner.


3. How is partnering with DMHC a benefit to my organization?

Our pioneering health care model goes beyond the traditional wellness fair or visiting nurse – instead, our program complements and completes the traditional health fair. DMHC can “close the loop” for your employees, allowing them to partner with a primary care physician to better and quickly address any health concerns and create a long-term partnership with a care provider.

A healthy employee is onsite, missing fewer days to illness or injury; reduces the burden on your organization’s overall healthcare costs; and is quite simply, more productive. Our program can save your organization a significant amount of money – either by reducing your insurance premiums or if you are self-insured by reducing your actual expenditures on medical care. The benefit of easy access to excellence in primary care onsite can also help companies attract and retain the best and brightest employees.

DMHC onsite primary care:

– Is seen as an attractive benefit for employees and prospective employees. It communicates that the organization is dedicated to the well-being of it’s most important resource – its staff

– Is NO cost to you as an employer. Quite the contrary, onsite care can reduce the financial burden to your insurance premiums and increase productivity

– Maximizes efficiency by making proactive, preventive care easy to access for your employees.

– Coordinates with or expands on any existing wellness programs you have in place. We “close the loop” on health fair assessments giving employees a convenient way to follow up on health concerns and treat problems proactively

– Can replace existing third-party wellness programs by offering a better way to wellness through sound, proactive, primary care services, all at NO cost to the employer

– Places NO additional strain on your resources. DMHC accepts and files all private insurance (with the exception of Duke Select) as well as Medicare and Medicaid for those that qualify.


contentimage14-dmhc4. How can partnering with DMHC enhance my Wellness Initiatives and reduce my operating costs?

Quite simply, we provide you with an efficient and uncomplicated way to deliver the best in proactive primary care to your staff, reducing insurance costs, illness, injury, and time off work, and keeping employees healthy, happy and more productive.

DMHC also assumes responsibility for the “health promotion and disease prevention” services which you currently may be paying a third-party wellness company to provide.  Often, wellness initiatives are “feel-good” measures that are not medically necessary. DMHC offers a better way to wellness through sound primary care services, which screen for medically necessary interventions, make recommendations for health improvements, and most importantly, establish an ongoing, long-term relationship with a clinician who will actively assess and manage health issues over time.

There would be NO “extra charge” for providing these health services. They are an integral component of good primary care, and therefore billable to insurance in conjunction with the regular visits of our clinicians.


5. How does the DMHC program work?

Doctors Making Housecalls works with its corporate clients to implement onsite medical services which best serve the needs of their employees, and use their existing resources efficiently. As the demand for our services evolves, we enhance our clinical staffing and ancillary services to keep pace with the growing demand from employees and ensure a consistent level of quality and customer service.

– DMHC would assign one or two clinicians to visit your location on a regularly-scheduled basis, once or twice a week, bi-monthly, or as needed, depending on demand.

– On those visits, our clinicians would see all employees with an appointment for that day, which the employee would schedule by calling DMHC’s office, just as they would any physician’s office. On regularly scheduled days, we are also able to see employees with an urgent problem, whether or not they have an appointment

– Employees can be seen in their office (if they have a private office), or in a (multi-use) space set aside for the doctor’s use.

– From the appointment, your clinicians will order and arrange for whatever laboratory and imaging services are medically necessary (most of which can also be performed onsite); as well as coordinate the care of any subspecialists that are not available from within our practice.


6. Do our employees have to sign up for your services?

Yes. As is true for any medical practice, employees must register as patients before our clinicians can see them; however, our clinicians are strictly an option for employees who choose DMHC as their primary care clinician. We would be pleased and honored to serve all employees in the company, or as many that view us as a better option than currently available to them.

Registering with our practice is easy and straightforward – easier than any other practice. Employees need only complete 2 simple forms, which they can do electronically from DMHC’s website. We will work with your human resources personnel to determine the best way for employees to register for the practice, make appointments, and access the full range of services our practice provides.


7. Will my employee’s DMHC clinician become his/her primary care doctor?

DMHC clinicians will gladly serve as the employee’s personal physician for those who choose to use us as their primary care physician (PCP). In our parlance, PCPs serve as the patient’s first point of contact with the health care system, particularly when there’s a problem; they take responsibility for the “whole person,” as opposed to a particular organ system (heart, kidney, brain, etc.); they also assume longitudinal responsibility for the person’s care and coordinate care across all venues and levels of care. Stated more simply, PCPs are the “quarterback” of the health care delivery team.

DMHC clinicians will also accommodate employees who wish to use our service for urgent care, but can’t get a timely appointment with their existing PCP.  These visits can take place on-demand, on-site at your organization, even between our regularly scheduled visits, or at DMHC’s clinical office in RTP.


8. How will DMHC provide ongoing support to our organization?

Our Corporate and Community Relations teams visit our clients regularly, to ensure we are meeting the needs of the organization as they evolve over time. We participate in health-related events and conduct information sessions to explain DMHC services. We can also offer insightful presentations on a wide range of health and wellness topics, to help employees parse the often confusing or conflicting health-related advice they are bombarded with by the media.

Our Community Relations team is never more than a phone call or email away. Please feel free to contact them at


9. How do I contact DMHC to learn more? Can I schedule a DMHC representative to give a presentation to my organization?

To learn more about how DMHC can help your organization bring excellence in primary care to your employees, call us at 1-844-932-5700 or email to schedule a visit from one of our Community Relations team members. Alternatively, for more information, you may contact our CEO, Dr. Alan Kronhaus directly at or 919-794-7144.


Registration and Appointments

10. How do my employees become new DMHC patients?

All new patients must register and authorize us to treat them before making an appointment and receiving a house call. There are three easy, convenient ways to register:

1. Call Our Office: Register by calling our office and speaking with our new patient registration team. To expedite the process, please have your insurance information handy when you call.
Toll Free (844) 932-5700 or (919) 932-5700.

2. Register Online: Register by clicking the Online Registration link and filling out the online form which, when complete, can be sent electronically, securely and directly to our office.

3. E-mail, Fax, or USPS/”Snail” Mail: Click the Registration Form link, and the ABN & Authorization link, complete both forms, and email, fax, or mail them to our office. The email for our new patient registration team is and our new patient registration fax is 919-724-4951.


11. Can we schedule appointments on the same days each week/month?

Yes. DMHC clinicians will visit the company on a regular, weekly schedule – one, two or three days a week, depending on demand. And, for optimal continuity of care, the same clinician(s) will come on each scheduled day. We tailor the schedule to best serve the company and its employees.


12. Will we always have the same team of clinicians serving our employees?

Yes. We schedule the same clinicians for each organization unless the clinician is out of town and patients need to be seen on an urgent basis. In that case, we will arrange for you to be seen by another of our outstanding physicians, who will have the benefit of all employee’s complete medical records at his or her fingertips.


13. What if an employee or their family member needs a visit after hours, on the weekend, or on a holiday?

We do not routinely schedule after-hours or weekend visits, but a clinician is available 24/7, in person or via telemedicine for urgent care which is not life-threatening. This service spares employees and their family members the ordeal, and your organization the expense, of unnecessary visits to the emergency room or urgent care clinic.

For telemedicine services, DMHC teams up with RelyMD, a service staffed by WakeMed emergency medicine physicians, which uses the most sophisticated, robust telemedicine platform currently available.


Insurance, Co-Pays, and Deductibles

14. Is there a cost to our organization to partner with DMHC?

No. Quite the contrary. Partnering with DMHC should significantly reduce a company’s cost of health care insurance, or if it is self-insured, for health care services. We have the data to support our ability to reduce costs even while improving the quality of care and patient satisfaction.


15. What is the “trip fee”?

When seeing patients in a private residence, DMHC charges a trip fee of $105 to cover the “opportunity cost” of a clinician’s travel time. No insurer covers the trip fee because they view the home visit as an extra service provided for the patient’s convenience, which is therefore not medically necessary.

However, we waive our trip fee when we see company employees on our regularly scheduled visits to the company. In the rare instance that we have to make an urgent care visit on a non-scheduled day at the organization, we charge a “trip fee” of $105 on weekdays or $130 on weekends. This only occurs when the patient has an urgent problem that must be evaluated promptly and we can’t manage the problem effectively by phone or telemedicine. If we can reasonably and safely manage the problem over the phone, we will.

Our trip fee is really just another type of co-pay, comparable to the higher co-pay incurred when a patient goes to an urgent care center or emergency room or visits certain specialists; in fact, DMHC’s trip fee is probably less than the co-pay employees pay for an emergency room visit, which means the employee or the employee’s family member receives all the benefits of a home visit, at a lower cost compared with the emergency room visit which the housecall allowed them to avoid.


16. What types of insurance does Doctors Making Housecalls accept?

DMHC accepts and is “in network” with all insurance plans with the exception of Duke Select, which covers only Duke providers and facilities. Insurers reimburse DMHC clinicians for their professional services just as they would a physician in an office or other outpatient settings. We also accept Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Tricare, and Medicaid for those who qualify, although that benefit is more likely applicable to the family members of corporate employees.

DMHC will also bill and file all of the patient’s insurance claims, including all secondary insurance for any charges that are not covered by a patient’s primary insurance. Please see our Insurance page for additional information on coverage.