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Regular Dental Care is Important!

Regular dentist visits can do more than keep your teeth healthy — they can tell a dentist a lot about your overall health. New research suggests good oral health is essential to good overall health and high quality of life.

Dental problems can be common, and there are special issues as we age from dry mouth to periodontal disease. Since oral health directly impacts the health of the rest of the body, these issues need to be taken seriously.

Taking care of your teeth and gums is just as important as digestive or heart health. Poor dental health has been shown to complicate:

  • Heart disease. Research has shown that there is a connection between gum disease and heart disease.
  • Pneumonia. Poor oral health has been linked to pneumonia in older adults.
  • Diabetes. Severe gum disease, also called periodontitis, hinders the body’s ability to use insulin. Diabetics are more prone to periodontal disease, due to a reduction in blood circulation.
  • Overall Health. Gum disease can instigate tooth loss and can be very serious for overall health as it has been linked to many problems in the body.
“Aren’t I too old to worry about cavities?”

You may wonder why you’re suddenly getting cavities when you haven’t had them in years. As we get older, we enter a second round of cavity prone years. One common cause of cavities in older adults is dry mouth. Dry mouth is not a normal part of aging. However, it is a side-effect in more than 500 medications.

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FAQs about
DMHC Dentistry

What is the cost?
Initiation Fee of $199.00 with a Subscription Fee of $59.00 per month

Where do we provide Dental Services?
We are currently in limited facility’s throughout the Triangle area.

What services does this fee cover?
Two cleaning services and X-Rays

How much will be the cost of fillings or extractions?
A fee schedule can be provided. We have included a 15% senior discount

Will Dental Insurance be accepted?
You will be able to file a claim with your dental insurer for our services

If other work is recommended after the consult or cleaning, how will that be handled?
We will recommend a Treatment Plan and discuss it and the cost before ever doing any work

How often will Dentists Making Housecalls be at facilities?
It depends on the demand. We hope to be at each facility once a month