“Independence at Home works because human relationships form its foundation” More compelling support for the Medicare Pilot IAH Program in this recent Wall Street Journal article by Ezekiel Emanuel. DMHC is proud to be one of only 17 IAH practice providers nationwide. And we are proud to announce that DMHC is one of only 3 Independence At Home participating practices nationwide to achieve all 6 quality metrics for the IAH program! This is the second year in a row, we have achieved this distinction. In quality measures that relate directly to resource utilization – Reduced Hospitalizations, Reduced ER Referrals, and Reduced 30 day Readmissions – we achieved more than a 50% reduction in all categories compared to what is typically expected for the elder population. Moving the venue of care to the home works -we’ve always known that- and now the data is catching up to support our thinking.

Better Care. Better Outcomes. Better Life… And, Lower Costs.