to coordinate care for your loved ones.

Our board-certified primary care clinicians come to you – making it easier for you to connect with your loved one’s physician, access the comprehensive care you need when and where you need it, and most importantly, help your loved one stay healthy and out of the hospital. No waiting rooms. No travel issues. No stress. Better care. Better outcomes.

Whether your loved one lives with you and requires ongoing at-home medical care or you’re a family member coordinating and managing care for a loved one who lives on their own or in a senior residential facility, we have solutions. Talk to us and schedule a same or next day appointment, seven days a week. Work with your DMHC clinician and our clinical support team, even from afar, to help avoid a medical event or hospitalization. By having our doctors come to you, you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your loved one and make a care intervention easier on everyone, yourself included.

A BETTER WAY starts here.

  • Proactive, preventive care from geriatric specialists – to keep your loved one healthy and at home
  • We coordinate any necessary outside resources – subspecialists, CT/MRI and testing, home health care agencies, and medical equipment delivery – to ensure the most comprehensive care for your needs
  • In-home visits from our expert subspecialists – diabetic screenings, hospice and palliative care, podiatry, optometry, psychotherapy, vision testing, wound care and more
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments
  • Annual Wellness Exams
  • Urgent Care, 24/7
  • Lab Work, X-rays and Imaging, EKGs, Vision Screening and more – all done in-home


  • Spend as much time as needed with your doctor – no appointment time limits
  • Same or next-day appointments are available beginning at 8 AM, 7 days a week
  • All insurance plans accepted and filed, including Medicare
  • Avoid expensive and risky visits to the ER and unnecessary hospitalizations
  • Limit exposure to sick patients in a conventional waiting room
  • Reduce the stress, risk and scheduling challenges of having to travel to an appointment
  • Enjoy greater privacy and comfort