We accept commercial and private insurance.

We bill and accept most government and private insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid secondary, and Medicare Advantage Plans.  That also includes billing all supplemental (“Medigap”) insurers.  We even accept Medicare assignment and do all the paperwork!

Our fees are dictated by Medicare, and posted on the website of its Intermediary Contractor, Palmetto GBA.

After patients have met its annual deductible, Medicare pays 80% of a clinician’s fees.  Medicaid and many supplemental insurance plans pay some or all of the fees not covered by Medicare — the 20% co-insurance and annual deductible.

Any balance remaining after all insurers pay becomes the patient’s responsibility.  All medical practices are required by law to collect those amounts; failure to do so results in severe fines and even criminal penalties.  DMHC “balance bills” only when we know the correct amount that is the patient’s responsibility.

For patients without supplemental insurance, we bill the 20% co-insurance at the time of service.

Please note that we no longer accept Medicaid as primary insurance.  If you have insurance through Medcost, Healthteam Advantage, Cigna HealthSpring, First  Medicare Direct, or Partners Health plans, we are happy to file your insurance papers, but the payment is required at the time of the visit.

Trip Service Fee

Doctors Making Housecalls charges a “trip service fee” of $105 on weekdays and $130 on weekends when patients are seen in a private residence, which compensates our clinicians for their travel time. We waive the fee when we see multiple patients during a scheduled visit in a business, retirement community, or other communal settings.

Should you have questions about the trip fee, your co-pay or anything else related to billing and insurance, feel free to contact our office toll-free at 1-844-932-5700 ext. 499 or send us a message.

Visit our FAQ pages for more answers to your insurance questions.

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