Dr. Kronhaus is nationally prominent as a medical entrepreneur, management guru and health policy maven who specializes in creating innovative ways of providing better care to underserved populations.

After graduating AOA from the Six Year Medical Program at Boston University, Kronhaus did two years of internal medicine residency at the University of Utah before leaving the program to fulfill his long-time fantasy of becoming a ski bum.  To get the necessary funding, he took a job as a solo practitioner in a small mining town in the northern Nevada desert — the first community involved in an innovative rural health care program designed to attract good doctors into isolated rural areas.  Kronhaus became hooked on rural health care.

During his five years with Health Systems Research Institute, Kronhaus progressed from practicing physician to the company’s first medical director. As a member of the non-profit’s top management team, he helped setup and manage 30 rural health clinics, and recruited scores of physicians to staff them. His largest single project was the creation in 1975 of a healthcare delivery system for Yellowstone National Park, where he served as Chief of Staff for Lake Hospital, 3 busy outpatient clinics and the Park’s emergency medical service, which included a formal linkage with the Dept. of Surgery at the University of Utah.

In 1979, Kronhaus was recruited to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar, giving him the opportunity to complete his formal clinical training and further his academic credentials. As a Clinical Scholar, Kronhaus concentrated on finding better ways to provide care to underserved populations. His focus on the geographic maldistribution of physicians lead Kronhaus to create the country’s first organized, nationwide temporary staffing firm for physicians.

The concept of providing physician services on a temporary basis, formally known as locum tenens, emerged from the spare bedroom of Kronhaus’s home — a “commercialization” of his work as a Clinical Scholar.  The company he started to implement the idea, KRON Medical Corporation, catapulted Kronhaus to national prominence as the driving force behind what is now a 4 billion dollar industry.

Dr. Kronhaus sold KRON Medical in 1993, and retired two years later at the age of 46 to become a stay-at-home dad. His wife coaxed him out of retirement in the summer of 2002 to help implement her vision of a medical group practice devoted exclusively to making housecalls. The organization that emerged from their efforts, Doctors Making Housecalls, has become the country’s largest, closely held private housecall practice.

In addition to his successful ventures as a medical entrepreneur, Kronhaus has published several papers in peer-reviewed academic journals, and has presented scholarly papers at innumerable conferences and conventions nationwide.  He was the sole author of Choosing Your Practice, a book published by Springer-Verlag in 1990  to wide acclaim, which has become the career counseling standard for physicians.

Kronhaus remains passionate about finding creative ways of providing better care to underserved populations, and pursuing the applications of home-based primary care that stand the best chance of improving the quality of care while reducing the cost of care.


Internal Medicine, Practice Management, Health Policy


1991 Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program UNC — Chapel Hill
1990 Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program UNC — Chapel Hill


1973 Internal Medicine University of Utah Hospitals
1972 Internal Medicine University of Utah Hospitals


1972 Boston University Six-Year Medical Program — B.A. & M.D. (AOA Honor Society)
1966 Bronx High School of Science

Academic Appointments

Campbell University

Adjunct Associate Professor 2012 – present

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Assistant Professor School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Administration 1982–1990
Clinical Instructor School of Medicine, Department of Medicine 1982–1990

Principle Publications

Choosing Your Practice Published in 1990 by Springer-Verlag
Dr. Kronhaus’ Choosing Your Practice has become the career counseling standard for physicians.